Consulting Services

Consulting Services


professional developmentFor the last 25 years we have been developing leading edge approaches to leadership and team development, many of which are contained in our book “Reflective Leaders and High-Performance Organizations” Our experience has allowed us to develop and apply core models that create a foundation of our development work – and in addition allow clients to measure the effectiveness of results before, during and at completion of our involvements. These include:

  1. The core “Task / Relationship” model that ensures the goal of building effective relationships (the way we work with others) is to become more competitive in executing task (delivering on our mission, goals and objectives);
  2. The RP5 model for organizational excellence founded upon the concepts of various global models for excellence (EFQM, Baldrige) that integrates Reflective Leadership (R), the enabling of effective Purpose, Passion, People, Process and Performance (P5) and the achievement of 5/5 ratings on client / stakeholder satisfaction
  3. The 7 step leadership development model founded on shared organizational values integrated with effective personal and team development, and
  4. The new and unique 6 step team development model that provides for continual development (the journey) rather than the linear approach (more of an event).

In addition we work with clients to align organizational expectations with leadership and culture development and create measurement tools to assess reality of current situations.

Corporate Governance

In 2005 Nick authored a book on emerging governance systems “Governance, Accountability and Sustainability: an agenda for the 21st century.” This book suggested many of the ideas that are now being developed through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and the emergence of IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Committee).

Our services include advice on Corporate Governance; development of vision or mission statements and corporate values; development and operational advice on implementing codes of ethics; enterprise risk management assessments; board development and improvement; identification of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability opportunities;

Strategy and Planning

Business strategy and planning; development of planning frameworks and facilitation of strategic plans, including advice on strategies, plans and actions for execution; state of the art planning based on CSR triple bottom line and intangible sustainability and growth frameworks;

Cost and Process Management

Process management and improvement: process mapping, analysis and improvement in particular in non-manufacturing organizations, including application of business excellence and quality management models.

Cost analysis and improvement: review and development of financial systems architecture to collect and report effective cost information for management; assessment of waste through cost of poor quality and development of reporting and improvement programs.

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