Professional Development Services

leadershipEduVision has developed over 60 workshops over the last 20 years that have been delivered to over 18,000 participants mainly across Canada. We have also developed competency frameworks and certification programs for clients including a leading public sector leadership development program, and the global competency framework for a professional certification organization.

Competency, Curriculum and Workshop Design

EduVision works with clients in the area of competency frameworks and curriculum development and in the creation of “learning goal” focused participative workshops.

As examples EduVision assisted in the development of the competency framework that underpins a global certification standard in the consulting profession. We have worked with a professional institute in the public sector to develop a competency framework, a learning and certification curriculum and a number of professional workshops including leadership development for senior managers. We have also worked internationally to help establish a number of professional associations including the development of certification criteria and the development and training in professional ethics.

We have a structured development framework that includes tools and templates that allows clients to effectively plan and develop workshops to achieve the learning goals required in the time allowed. The framework also provides facilitators with a professional guide to workshop timing and delivery – effectively creating a turn-key capability.

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