Peter Smyth Biography

Senior Consultant EduVision Inc., and Principal of
The Counselling Institute

Peter J. Smyth, MScEd., MSW., PhD., (C) OACCPP, brings with him thirty-five years of experience in the fields of Mental Health, Rehabilitation, Adult Education and Organizational Consultation. He holds numerous certifications in the various areas of Teamwork, Leadership, Coaching, Communication, and Problem Solving. He brings a unique perspective to leadership and change processes. He is a senior consultant and executive development specialist with EduVision Inc., a consulting and management education firm. As a Lumina Learning practitioner, he is qualified in the administration and facilitation of personal, team, and leadership development. A group specialist, he has devoted much of his professional career to the practical application of theory to practice in his work with groups and teams.

Peter is the Director of the Counselling Institute in Woodbridge Ontario, where he practices relational psychotherapy. He has been an adjunct professor at York University for the past twenty-five years and has taught at three other universities. As a corporate consultant and leadership coach, he has worked with a wide variety of organizations in both the private and public sectors, and also provides consultancy services to a number of medical and not-for-profit institutions. He is committed to personal and cultural transformation through the development of ethical and consciously collaborative environments that are motivational and responsive to both human and organizational needs for growth and change.

Peter has had a long professional relationship with the Ontario Government. In the past ten years he has worked with the OPS and various ministries and departments. He has served on the faculty of the Centre for Leadership, Cabinet Office, for the Senior Manager Leadership Development Program. This is his third year on the faculty of the Clinical Ethics Summer Institute (CESI). He has also served on the faculty of the Centre of Excellence in Critical Care Medicine (Mount Sinai / University of Toronto) as well as being an active member of the Teamwork and Leadership Critical Care Coaching Team (MOHLTC Critical Care Secretariat). He brings both wit and wisdom to his work.

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