Case Studies

Below is an extract of the types of projects that EduVision has been engaged to conduct; more examples and information are available upon request.

Family business – Leadership and Planning

A client for over ten years, this family business has global operations and some years ago successfully transitioned to the third generation. Our work has been varied and includes the following:

• Clarification, updating a deployment of organizational values statements;
• Development of assessment tools to monitor application of values in day-to-day leadership
• Group and individual leadership development at national and international levels, including executive and business units
• Development and implementation of strategic and business planning framework incorporating organizational values, SWOT, development of key critical issues, business objectives, strategies and performance measurement systems, initially in operations in Wales (UK), Netherlands, Germany, Australia, USA, Mexico, India, France, and Brazil
• Training of line managers in cost management and control;
• Cosy analysis and analytical support to a manufacturing subsidiary as it transitioned its business from traditional products to new markets

Major national consumer credit bureau

A number of projects were conducted with this client that were core to its success record as it grew to enjoy a significant market share; this included:

• Design, development and implementation of an ISO 9001 based quality management system for client service centre
• Integration of the CAN/CSA 830 Privacy standard within processes developed above, achieving successful certification (in both)
• Development and facilitation of a product line / segmentation based strategic and business planning framework

Centre of Excellence in Service Management (Not for Profit organization)
This organization was established as a Centre of Excellence for public sector service management and is supported by Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels of government. It operates both in Canada and has been successful in selling its expertise to governments internationally. Our work has included:

• Development of two one-day introductory workshops for public sector service management
• Facilitation of public sector workshops with a variety of participant audiences
• Assisting in development of body of knowledge defining key skills, knowledge, experience and attitudes for effective leadership in service management
• Development of entire curriculum and certification framework for implementation of a professional certification / designation for public sector service managers

World class developing gold mine

This organization is a joint venture between two global leaders in the mining industry, and is at the advanced feasibility design and development phase. Our work has included:

• Initial leadership team discussions and opportunity analysis
• Team and individual leadership development workshops including progress assessments (showing team performance improvements in key areas between 55% and 125%)
• Advice on how enhanced team relationships can be transferred to effective task execution and outcome effectiveness.

Capacity building in Central Asia

This project involved assisting groups of professional management consultants develop national consulting institutes in order to become provisional and then full members of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) the global body representing CMC’s worldwide.

Projects were conducted in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan with a final project in Jordan to assess and induct the first CMC’s from these Institutes. Our work included:

• Advice and assistance in developing plans to meet ICMCI membership criteria
• Recommending approaches to the development of an Institute administration framework
• Review and advice on development of membership categories and fees
• Advice of establishing marketing and advocacy approaches
• Advice on the development of a local certification framework for CMC’s
• Review of initial approaches to ICMCI provisional membership

Federal Government – Various departments and projects

We have worked both collectively and individually on a large number of public sector projects that include content such as the following:

• A number of process improvement and quality management initiatives including ISO 9001 and TQM;
• Developing pay-for-performance for one of the largest federal agencies;
• Rewriting a core taxpayer audit procedure that addressed process flow and integration, risk management and emerging issues of knowledge transfer and management
• Review, assessment and re-design of major “vendor performance program” for monitoring vendors selling to the federal government
• Implementation of a national quality management system for a major department that meets ISO 9001, and aligns with business planning system
• Support to, and participation with Canadian Government delegation that conducted a peer review of the UK Inland Revenue strategic business plan
• Advice on corporate governance issues including MAS, Modern Comptrollership and frameworks for accountability and responsibility


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